Moving checklist

This checklist will make preparing for the move as simple and worry free as possible.


Moving out

Before the removal men arrive, be clear in what they are contracted to do and what you are expected to do. If in doubt, ask the Removal Team Leader. Both house holder and the removal men have fairly defined responsibilities (though a measure of flexibility on both sides is of course desirable)


Self assembly furniture

If you have any furniture of the home assembly type particularly if made of chipboard, please note that we recommend dismantling units before the move, as the joints are seldom strong enough to survive even careful handling if the furniture is moved whilst still assembled. We can provide dismantling and reassembling of furniture at an extra cost to you. You can arrange this service in advance to be sure of costs.Washing machines: Secure your washing machine drum, and disconnect from water supplyand electric. If you require us to disconnect/ reconnect then we may provide you this service depending on ability to do so.


China & Glass

Wrap each item individually in packing paper or bubble wrap, packing the heavier items first with lighter pieces on top. Use strong double sided removal boxes.Remember that plates and dishes are packed vertically and not laid flat.



Books are very heavy, use small boxes in order to carry them safely.


Moving in

Make sure that you (or some other responsible person) is on hand to admit the removal men. If no-one is there and a reasonable waiting time expires, you could find yourself landed with storage and re-delivery charges. Enquire how long the vehicle will wait should you be inadvertently delayed on the way. It can also save time and confusion if you stand at the entrance and specify the location of each item as it is carried in.Helping the move along: If you follow the guidelines suggested on this page you will find the removal men themselves responding to your good sense with extra efficiency and relaxed good humour.



Our Advice is to keep children out of the removal men’s way. They easily can get in the way and may potentially be injured. The younger ones are best left with family member or friend until the removal team has finished.Swings/Climbing frames: Make sure you dismantle these items well in advance, but be careful not to lose the bolts. If you require us to dismantle or reassemble such items then please discuss this with us first as this will affect the original quote.



Tie together garden tools, and prepare items to be lifted straight onto the vehicle.



Utility Bills:
Gas, Electricity, Water & Telephone.

Banks/Building Society:
Credit cards, standing orders.

Dentist, Medical Care & Private health care.

House, Contents, Car & Life insurance, Schools Your Landlord, Your Tenants, Professional.

Solicitors, Accountant, Relatives/FriendsSky.

TV Licence, TV Rental Your Employer DVLA National Insurance/DHSS Premium Bonds Libraries.

Post Office:
Mail Redirection.

Local Authority:
Removal from electoral register.



There is no obligation to tip the removal men but if you feel that a reward has be earned, the driver or packer in charge will distribute any gratuity given amongst the crew.Updating Your Records

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